Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 4 Recap

I can't believe it! I'm already finished with a whole month of training.  How is that even possible?  I think it's going pretty well so far, but nothing in life is perfect!

Here's how Week 4 was supposed to go:

  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 3 miles speed
  • Wednesday - Rest/Cross Train
  • Thursday - 2 miles easy
  • Friday - Rest/Cross Train
  • Saturday - 7 miles
  • Sunday - 2 miles easy

Here's how Week 4 actually went: 
  • Monday - Rest (really, is it any surprise that I'm super good at this one?)
  • Tuesday - 3 miles speed (hit the paces for my mile repeats, though the second one was a bit of a struggle)
  • Wednesday - Hour long gym session (that I'm STILL sore from, nearly a week later. Ugh)
  • Thursday - 2 miles easy (super slow, was pretty darn sore)
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - 7 miles (this run went ok.  really slowly, and the humidity was terrible, but it was ok.) 
  • Sunday - 2 miles easy (this felt super easy)

All in all, not bad.  But that hour long training session on Wednesday pretty much killed me.   This was supposed to be my week of getting into strength training, and instead I have been popping pills and laying with a heating pad for the past 5 days.  NOT pretty.  I cancelled the appts I had scheduled for this week - no way am I risking feeling like this for another week.  Lord have mercy.  Ugh.  I guess I'm going to have to workout on my own for awhile - in short, easy bursts - until I'm a bit stronger, then I can go back to seeing Aaron again.  Blah.  

Saturday is the 5K I signed up for, and my coach seems excited for me - she said she'll be sending me a "race plan" in a couple days.  I've never had a race plan before! LOL  I guess I won't be winging it after all. 

What are you up to this week? Anything fun?  12 days till Disney! 


  1. Looks like you are right on track! Well done!

    So excited to hear about your 5K. I'm sure you're going to do great!

    1. Thanks! I'm super nervous but also feeling pretty good, so we'll see!

  2. I'm sore and cranky from my run this past weekend, I hope it goes away soon. Congrats on all your runs! That's awesome.

    1. Oh, boo! I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Good luck on the 5K!
    Great job - you followed you training plan for last week pretty well I think!!!
    Glad you have Disney to look forward to!!

    1. Thanks, me, too! I think I'm more excited about Disney than my kids are, if that's possible. =)

  4. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with training.
    I'm sure the next 12 days are going to fly by.

  5. Oooh, a race plan does sound like fun!! Good luck w/ your race!

    1. Thanks! I haven't seen the plan yet, getting a little nervous. LOL


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