Monday, June 2, 2014

Coloring Outside The Lines

What's a running blogger to do when the running's not going so well?  Write about painting, of course!

Over the weekend, I attended a fairly non-traditional baby shower.  Instead of sitting around talking about the upcoming munchkin and opening presents, we all painted instead!  Wine and Canvas is a company that pairs artists with groups of average folk and teaches them how to paint a specific painting, step by step.  Usually, you go to a set location (restaurant, bar, club, etc), but they also do private parties, which is what happened this weekend.

This is the painting that we were supposed to paint:

It was set up at the front of the room, and our artist (Gene, I think his name was. I am terrible with names, but he was super nice!) painted a new one, along with us .  When I first saw the painting, I was 100% convinced that mine would look nothing like it, and that it would not even be recognizable.   I have NO artistic ability, whatsoever.  It's embarrassing, really.   But!  After a few hours (with a decent break in the middle for dinner and more alcohol), I ended up with this: 

Far from perfect, but I kinda like it.  And I really liked the whole experience - so much so that I convinced my husband that we need to do one for a date night.  There are a bunch scheduled in our area, so I'm sure we can find one that we want to do.  They even post the paintings on their website, so if there's a painting you particularly want to do, you can choose that one! 

I will never be a "real" artist, but I can see myself doing this kind of thing a few more times, just for fun.  It's neat to see how it all comes together in the end.   Plus, there's wine involved!