Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 1 Recap

This past week was my first week of training for my Oct. Half Marathon.  This was also my first week of following any kind of a real training plan, so I wasn't sure how things would go.  The plan was pretty simple.

  • Monday - Rest Day
  • Tuesday - 3 miles speedwork (400m repeats)
  • Wednesday - Rest/Cross Train
  • Thursday - 2 miles Easy
  • Friday - Rest/Cross Train
  • Saturday - 4 miles
  • Sunday - 2 miles easy 

Since nothing in my life ever goes exactly to plan, here's how my week actually looked: 

  • Monday - Rest Day
  • Tuesday - Rest Day
  • Wednesday - 3 miles speedwork (hit my prescribed paces, was very pleased)
  • Thursday - 2 miles easy (did not feel easy)
  • Friday - Rest Day
  • Saturday - 4 miles (blah)
  • Sunday - 2 miles easy (felt just fine) 
I got absolutely no cross training done this week (I'm supposed to be doing core/strength work!), and the 11 miles that I ran did not feel spectacular.  But.  I got it done, and that's the important part.  

This week, my parents will be visiting, so I'm hoping that most of my runs will get done in the a.m. (when I prefer to run) instead of in the evening (which is when my last few runs have been).    I'm also hoping that if I tell my mom "I'm supposed to work out every day," maybe she'll give me that "mom look" until I've done so. LOL  

So.  1 week down, 13 to go.  October seemed so far away when I signed up for this silly thing! =)


  1. Way to get the miles in!!! You are going to do great!!!

    1. Thanks! I feel like I'm doing "baby" mileage right now, but that's ok. Main goal is to keep healthy!

  2. "Baby mileage" is nonsense. You are getting out there! You'll build up your mileage soon enough!

    1. You're right, as usual. I just have lots of friends who run 40 - 100 miles a week, so I get my perspective skewed sometimes! LOL


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