Friday, July 12, 2013

Walk This Way

This week, my husband has been busier than usual, and has only been home in the evening one night.  So my kids and I have been spending even more time together than usual - and since I'm trying to be healthier these days, by default, so are they.  (Though I did just order a pizza.  Don't judge. It's Friday, and besides - I put veggies on it!) 

Last night, after my husband left to go to a meeting at the Lodge, the kids put on their sneakers and we headed out for a little family walk.  We started these walks this past weekend, in order to "practice" for all the walking we'll be doing at Disney next month.  We've taken a few short jaunts down the street and back, no big deal.  Last night, my son decided he wanted to walk to his school playground.  

Which is a mile away.  Up a rather long hill.  Have I mentioned that my kids are 5 and 4 and my daughter has the shortest legs in the known universe?  But I smiled and said "sure," fully expecting the complaining to begin before we even made it to the hill.  

An hour and 2.36 miles later, we returned home sweaty, giggling, and in need of popsicles.  Not one complaint was issued the entire trip.  I am so in love with these little feet. 

My kids know that I like to run, and that being active will "give you energy," as my littlest puts it, but we have never talked about being fat vs. being skinny.  I have never told my children that I want to exercise to be skinnier - I've always said it's about being healthy, which it is.  There are so many people in our family that are, to be polite, larger, and part of me is worried that my children will end up that way.  

I want them to be healthy and happy - childhood (and adulthood) is hard enough without the added stress of being overweight.  I am hoping that they will stay active, and that it will never be an issue, but at this point I just don't know.  

Are you active with your kids?  Were you active as a child? 


  1. I lived in the country as a kid (up until age 11), so we had to make our own fun, so yes we spent a lot of time outside playing, running around and riding out bikes. and I loved it.
    I try to encourage my kids to do the same. I love it when they use their imaginations, or we go out for bike rides. We just discovered the skate park, and yep, fun.
    so short answer yes I was active as a child, but only up until around age 11, then it went down hill from there.

  2. WooHoo - love your walk to the playground with the kids - sounds like a super evening!!!
    I was always active as a kid - we played outside pretty much all day every day - just entertaining ourselves!!
    And, I'm all about Friday night pizza - we probably would have gone that route tonight but ummm, we might have ordered pizza Wednesday night this week!!!


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