Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fitbit Zip Review

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy myself a Fitbit Zip in order to try to further my meager attempts at weight loss.  After two solid weeks of use, I am ready to give my honest opinion about the Zip.

(I got the pink one!) 

I love it.

I wish I had gone ahead and splurged on one of the two "fancier" models that also track sleep patterns, but oh well.  The Zip was in my price range (I think I paid $60), and what I really wanted was a kick in the pants to get myself up and moving.  As a stay-at-home mom, you'd think that I'd be constantly moving around, chasing after the kids, cleaning the house, etc.  You would have been wrong.  I'd fallen into a rather sedentary daily routine as the kids had gotten older, and I am embarrassed to admit that there were days when I spent hours in front of the computer without getting up once.

Run four times a week?  Sure!  Do anything else remotely active?  Eh, no thanks.

Then I got the Zip.  Since then, I have consciously made the decision to be more active.  Knowing that this small device was tracking my movements actually makes me move more.  Seeing the numbers rack up, I'm actually more motivated.  "8,000 steps - BAD day, gotta do better."   Next day -  "13,000 steps before dinner! Yes!"   It's been amazing, this little competition with myself.

Could I have bought a regular pedometer for less?  Absolutely.  Is the Fitbit worth $60?  To me?  Absolutely.  I like being able to log on to the website and see my daily and weekly progress.  I like getting text messages saying "Overachiever! You've surpassed your daily goal!"   You can also see how you stack up next to others who have a Fitbit - so if you're at all competitive, it'll push you just a little more.

And the result on the scale?  I'm down to 150 lbs as of this morning.  That's an official 5 pound loss in the past 3 weeks, and most of that since I started wearing the Fitbit.

Yes, I've been eating less (and slightly better), but I've also been moving more - and I've been feeling better about myself.   I am so glad I decided to get the Zip!

**All opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated for this post, though I am never opposed to doing things for money.  That sounded dirty.  **


  1. I just got myself the flex (just yesterday in fact). So it was encouraging to see this post in my feeds for sure.
    So add me I need more friends.

    1. Jealous! I totally should have sprung for the flex. Oh, well. I will add you as soon as I figure out how. LOL

  2. I am intrigued by these little apparatuses. I'm glad it is so motivating to you--that's awesome!

  3. I think the fact that you get text messages telling you to either move it or that you are an overachiever makes that little item definitely worth it!!
    Great job on the extra movement and the weight loss!!

  4. I got a Flex and I agree, it makes me want to be more active. Whatever works, right?

    1. Absolutely! I accidentally wore mine in the pool the other day (just for a few minutes) and was sooooooo glad that it survived! Eek.


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