Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's get ready to Rock!

"Thank you! You are now registered for the 2014 Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon & 1/2 Marathon. Please check the event website for updates."

So, that happened.......... *blink, blink*

A year ago I ranted and bitched on a message board on Runners World  that I wasn't going to run a Half Marathon, and that people should just quit bugging me, because I DON'T WANNA!  *stomping foot*

Then somehow I signed up for two half marathons, ran one of them, then signed up for a third.  I think someone put something in my water.  Seriously.  It makes no sense to me whatsoever, and I plead the fifth.  Or insanity.  Whichever one will get me out of hearing "I told you so" from internet peoples.

In other news, I hired a running coach.  More on that after I decide if she's worth the moola or not.  Wow, I just Googled "moola."  Never knew it had so many meanings

Can you tell I'm a bit hyper today?  I blame it on the Toblerone I are earlier.  Yup yup. 


  1. Yay for a running coach! I've considered getting one just so I had direction in my training. I'm not even training for anything right now, which makes it really hard to focus.

    And yay for the upcoming half! Looks like a great one!

    1. I'm excited - about the coach and the half. Though I have a half before that one to worry about! LOL I don't know when I became this person. =)


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