Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keepin' it in Stride

So, awhile ago, I read about Stride Boxes.  I was intrigued  so I signed up - after all, $15 a month to try lots of cool products? How could I pass that up?  With all the excitement of getting ready for my half, I kind of forgot about it.  Then this showed up:

After a brief "Hey! My Stride Box!" squeal, I opened it up, and was amazed at how much stuff they put in such a little box. 

So much cool stuff! 

A few of the items, I recognized, but others, I'd never seen before or had even heard of.  Fortunately, Stride Box comes with a handy-dandy "Stride Guide" that details the contents. 

It even tells you how much everything costs!

Since I wasn't pleased with my choice of fuel for my half this past weekend, I'm most excited to try out the Honey Stinger Energy Chews (even if Cherry Cola isn't really my thing), the Bonk Breaker Bonk Bites (who doesn't love PB&J, right?),  the Just Great Stuff bar, and the Vi Fuel Endurance Gel.   (The Jelly Belly Sports Beans I've had before)

The Klitch seems really cool, though my race bag has a separate compartment for shoes.  Still, it's an interesting idea.  Over all, I'm super psyched, and can't wait to try everything out - and for sure, I can't wait till next month to see what other goodies Stride Box has for me! 

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