Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

Today was my fourth run since my half marathon.  Today was also my fourth all-running run in a row.  Is this really significant, given that I claim to be a runner?  Shouldn't all my runs be all-running?  (And isn't that why they're called "runs?")  You'd think so.  But this has not been my year.  2013 has kicked my butt, running-wise.  Illness, injury, laziness, you name it, have all reached up and smacked me.  

I am happy to report that all of that is over, and I finally feel like I'm "back."   Just in time, too, because I recently hired a running coach - and today was day 1 following her orders schedule. =)   Just 3 miles "easy."  Which, I have decided, I'm changing the name of.  I do not have an "easy" pace.  Running is just not "easy" for me.  So, instead, I am calling it my "default" pace.  The pace that happens when I'm not trying to run quickly, and I'm not trying to run slowly.  I'm just.... running.  It's my "default" setting.   So I did a "default" 3 today, and was pleasantly surprised to see splits in the 12:xx range.  My regular run pace used to be in the 13:xx range.  Very, very happy that I seem to be making progress (finally).  

Another happy (I guess?) thing today was that I tried out my new fuel belt.  No, I did not need a fuel belt for a 3 mile run.  But I figured, better to try it out now than on an actual long run.   Annoyed for 3 miles is better than annoyed for 10.  Yes? Yes.  

Fortunately, I was not annoyed at all!  I picked up an ifitness belt last weekend at the Frederick Expo and was anxious to try it out. I normally carry a water bottle in my hand while on longer runs, and while that's been fine for me, sometimes it does get a little annoying.  (Mental note - read a thesaurus before next blog post)  

The belt stayed exactly where I put it, on my hips (I can't run with anything around my waist, it makes me queasy for some reason), and the extra weight of the water bottles (I have the 16 oz version - two 8 oz bottles) didn't bother me at all.   Added bonus, it has toggles to hold a race bib, slots for Gu, and a nice sized pocket for various other odds and ends.   I doubt I'll ever actually use it in a race, but it will be nice this summer when it's hot and I want water on my longer runs.  

All in all, I'd call today a good day.  Plus, we have a landscaper coming this evening to look at our wreck of a yard.  Hopefully we'll be able to afford whatever needs to be done to make it purty.  We'll see. =)


  1. Glad you found a hydration belt that works! I have something very similar, but mine unfortunately doesn't stay on my hips and slides up.

    I can't wait to hear how your progress w/ your coach goes!

    1. The fact that this belt stays on my hips (and has a 100% money back guarantee that it won't move!) is the reason I bought it. When I tried it on at the expo, I jumped up and down and did a little shimmy. People laughed. I didn't care. LOL


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