Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunny Days

I'm really good at deciding to do things.  I'm less good at following through.   We've all heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?  Well, for me it's not so much hell as fat and lazy town.  Although, according to my Fitbit, I've been moving a lot more lately.  Not running, mind you (though I did do some yesterday), but chasing this little girl:

Adorable, right?  We got her a week ago today, pretty much completely unplanned.  I mean, we are dog people.  We knew we were going to get another dog eventually - we'd talked about maybe April, depending on whether or not I'd found a permanent job by then. 

We'd talked about getting a Golden Retriever, because they're great dogs, and we figured probably a puppy.   But it was all talk.   Then about a week and a half ago, Andy gets a call from a breeder that he'd briefly spoken to ages ago.   She had three female puppies left, was he interested?  I think this was on a Wednesday.  Thursday, I interviewed for a job and thought it went pretty well. Friday I got approached about another job, out of the blue, and by Friday afternoon we were discussing puppy names.   Sunday, Andy drove down to Virginia while I cleaned the house with two oblivious kids.  

Boy were THEY surprised when I said "Papa's bringing a friend over - do you want to see her picture?"  Boom.  Squeals, giggles, jumping up and down.  We are dog people. 

So what does Sunny (short for Sunshine, my son's idea) have to do with me not getting my butt in gear and getting back on a regular running schedule?  Well.... puppy.  Middle of the night has to pee, puppy.  Gets up when you get up, puppy.  Have to supervise her pretty much constantly. puppy. 

Therefore, my idea of getting up at 4:30 to run before my husband leaves to go to work is pretty  much out the window.  The past week has been go to bed, get up in the middle of the night to walk Sunny, go back to bed, get up at 5, let her out, feed her, walk her, take a shower, get the kids ready, go to work, come home, walk her, feed her, etc, etc, etc.  Fairly non stop puppy activity.  

I think, though, that we're finally getting into a routine, and so hopefully things will even out soon and I'll be able to carve out some "me" time. 

Of course, considering it's now day 3 of trying to write this post, maybe that's easier said than done. 

But, still. 



  1. So exciting and so cute!!! I think that is a very legitimate reason not to get up - sleep is necessary when you are running!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Sunny is sooooo cute! I think golden puppies are pretty much the cutest thing in the whole wide world. They are really great dogs. Congrats!

    1. Thanks! They are pretty darn cute. If only they stayed puppies. Well, no. I don't want that, either. Hmmm. Cuteness can stay, the non-stop activity and not sleeping at night can go. LOL

  3. She is so ridiculously cute. But a baby would have been easier. :)


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