Friday, January 16, 2015

Holes Filled In

When we last left our heroine in the fall of 2014, she had just completed the North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run  and then ... well, then she fell off the face of the blogging planet, only to return a few days ago with a "Oh, hey.  How's it?"  

What dark mysteries befell our fair leading lady in what will forever be known as "The Time Without Di?"   Where did she go, what worlds did she conquer?  Find out on today's episode of "No, really, girl, where the hell were you and why didn't you take a writing class while you were gone?"

Ok, ok, fine.  You wanna know where I've been, what I've been doing?  Here are the bullet points, broken down by month. Nosy buggers.

September 2014

  • NC 24 (race recap here)
  • Job hunting
  • Dog hunting (that didn't sound right.  LOOKING for a dog, not hunting/shooting/hurting dogs)
  • Adopted a dog! Yay! 
October 2014
  • No running
  • Dealing with crazy new dog
  • Party planning for my parents' 40th anniversary

November 2014
  • Still no running
  • Gave crazy dog back to rescue
  • Grandpa died same day
  • Heart broken
  • Dealt badly with grief
  • Job hunting
December 2014
  • Friend says "Hey, I'm going on maternity leave. You should do my job while I'm gone!" I said "Ha, right!"
  • I  sign up with a temp agency and friend's boss hires me to start doing her job while she's gone. 
  • Still no running. 
  • Still (permanent) job hunting 
  • Still grieving.  So many things. 

January 2014
  • Adjusting to working plus dealing w/kids and hubby
  • Still not really running, but walking
  • Ran once
  • Logging calories and losing a bit of weight
  • Not sleeping
. . . and that brings us up to date.  Just a few days shy of my 36th birthday and - I don't know.  No real progress since this time last year, no betterment of self, save the (tiny) paycheck I'm bringing home these days. 

Also, I'm still apparently not able to write an entire blog post (or even a succession of bullet points) in the same tense.  Take THAT, high school English teacher! Or something. 

Anyway, things are coming down the pipe that could be interesting, could be game-changing, but I don't know.  We'll see.  Things are uncertain right now.  I've come to realize all I really know in life is that I don't know anything.  Which is liberating and saddening at the same time.   Is saddening a word?  Spell check says yes, but my brain is having a problem with it.  Hmmm....  Brain vs. spell check, next time on WWF! 

Oh my word, I need caffeine.  Or a nap.  Or chocolate.  Or a glass of wine.  Or maybe I just need to stop typi -


  1. It IS liberating. And the things that worry you are never the things that will rock your world. Trust in yourself and just keep moving! MWAH!

    1. Thanks, sweetie! You're the bestest! SMOOCHES!

  2. Welcome back! Sometimes you just have to take life a day at a time...way to go on the walking, running and logging calories! I always find it difficulty to log what I eat. And honestly sometimes getting out there in the winter is just so difficult because of the temperatures.

    Sorry about your loss. It is always difficulty to lose someone you love so dearly.

    1. It IS! It's bleeping cold out there! Why does it have to be cold?? LOL

  3. You have had a lot going on!!
    Sorry about the loss of your grandfather - so hard to lose our grandparents!!
    Walking/running is the best way to start!!

  4. I agree--tons going on! Don't feel guilty about falling off the running bandwagon. It takes time to adjust to so many changes. You'll figure it out! :)

    1. Thanks, hon. I hope so! I've missed it.


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