Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick Fix

I hate to exercise.  I have workout videos, I have a gym membership and personal trainer sessions at said gym.  Due to my aforementioned hatred of exercise, though, all of those go unused.  I've been lying to myself, saying that it's ok, because I run.  But my running's not getting any better.  And the number on my scale is moving upwards instead of down.   So, really, I need to exercise.

My son has been going to Tae Kwon Do classes for the past 5 months or so, and every time I go with him, I think to myself "Wow, these kids are really getting a workout!"  I can't afford my own Tae Kwon Do classes (nor am I willing to publicly humiliate myself by being unable to do things that a 6 year old can do), so I decided to troll the internet for a kickboxing dvd that would whip me into shape.

I had vague memories of some guy named Billy that used to yell at my housemate in college.  You might have heard of him?

But that guys scares me, and I was looking for a more gentler introduction to the world of kickboxing.  I did an amazon search for "easy kickboxing dvd" (or something to that effect) and came up with this: 

It arrived in the mail last week and sat, unopened, on my computer desk, taunting me.  Today, I put on my yoga pants and popped it into the dvd played while my daughter sat on the couch, watching.  

I loved it!  I only did 2 of the 10 minute segments today (upper and lower body - the 3rd is core, I think), but I enjoyed it, and while it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done, it got me sweaty and feeling like I was actually doing something, so I call that a win.   

I had a little trouble following along with some of the parts of the 2nd segment - I've always had trouble following along to fast-tempo leg movement.  I said "Ugh, I don't know why I can't get this!" and my daughter (who is 4, mind you) said "Maybe it's because it's your first time?"    Love. Her.   

So from now on, on the days that I don't run (and maybe even the days that I do!), I'll be trying to banish my uncoordinatedness (I made that up just now, you're welcome) and working on my uppercut.    Next time, though, I'll wear less clothing.  It's one thing to wear long pants when you're out running in the winter.  But indoors, with the heat on, doing this dvd?  Soo not necessary.  

Have you ever tried kickboxing?  


  1. Funny, that guy used to yell at my roommate in college as well! haha. I have not tried a kickboxing DVD (it's hard enough to have room for yoga in my apt) but my gym offers a CHICKboxing class, which I'm pretty sure is the same. . . I should get back to go to that :)

    LOVE your daughter's comment!

    1. CHICKboxing sounds like fun... except it would still be me embarrassing myself in front of people. I obviously have issues. LOL

  2. I still love TaeBo!!
    I have a couple of those Quick Fix workouts but I don't think I have that one - sounds pretty good!
    And, yes to less clothes inside - I'm shorts and sports bra most of the time.
    Your 4 year old is smart! The first time I tried Turbo Fire I was like an uncoordinated blob!! I felt better at the end when Chalean (the instructor) said - "Don't worry if you didn't get all the moves. How boring if you master everything the first time!" Now I always think of that when I try new workouts!!

    1. That's a great point! Life WOULD be boring if I were perfect. LOL I did the DVD again today and was slightly more coordinated. =)

  3. I took a kickboxing class once and dang that was HARD. Such a good workout!! Good luck! I used to do Tae Bo too. Funny!

    1. I remember it was all the rage for awhile - but in college I never did anything remotely healthy, so I never got into it. Kinda wish I had - maybe I wouldn't be such a blob now. LOL


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