Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Day Dawning

Oh, hi there!  I wasn't sure how long I'd be away from the blogosphere, hence my "pause" post, but it seems I have returned to the land of the living (and running), so why not blogging, too?

I spent three weeks after my race basically being a total slug.  I ran once each week,  in a very half-assed manner.  I ate all the food.  I gained 4 lbs.  Essentially, I was in a pit of doom.  Of my own making.  With leftover Halloween candy mocking me.

Then, last weekend, I turned on the t.v., and there was the New York City Marathon.


 I sat and watched as the elites battled it out, and I checked my NYCM app for updates on my friends who were running the race. I got excited about running again.  Of course, after 3 weeks of lethargy, my "Whee! I wanna ruuuunnnnnnn!!" was soon replaced by "Oh, crap.  I have to run."

So I told myself I'd start easy.  6 - 8 miles this week.  Baby steps.  So far, it's working.  I ran on Tuesday and I ran today.  I even did a workout DVD this afternoon while the kids were at school.  (I know, right? Crazy)

Other than my rekindled love for running, I do have another motivation to get up off the couch.   Money.

Have ya'll heard of DietBet?  Feel free to go to the website to read all about it, but the short version is this - you pay $20 (or $30, whatever the bet is) and try to lose X amount of weight over the duration of the bet.  If you are successful, you and anyone else who is successful split the pot.   The bet I'm doing runs from tomorrow through Dec. 6th and the challenge is to lose 4% of my body weight.  The pot is over $18,000 at this point.  EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.   According to the website, 31% (I think) of people who do these bets win.  There are about 900 people in my bet.  So let's make the numbers easy and say  300 people will win the bet.  If I'm one of them, that means I get $60.   Which means a $40 profit, AND I will have lost 6 lbs.  Score! =)     Of course, in my fantasy, I am the ONLY one who wins the bet, and I get the ENTIRE $18K.   Wouldn't that be nice?  LOL

Anyway, I weighed myself in last night, and started calorie counting and blah blah today.  I'm not really big into "diets," but I have gained back all the weight I've lost this year (at one point, I was 8 lbs lighter than I am now) and I'm a little bummed, so anything to kick me in the pants and get me headed in the right direction is a good thing.   Right? Right.   Plus, I hate to lose a bet!

Also, I'm about 12 weeks away from my next half marathon.  Which means I've got to get a move on, not to mention get my nutrition figured out so I don't get sick again this time.  

PLUS! PLUS - I'm going to be thirty five (shhhh!!!) in January.  I can't start another year this heavy/out of shape.  It's just no fun.

Ok, I'm sick of me already, which means I'm sure ya'll are, too.  I should have baby-stepped my way back into blogging instead of dumping a long post on you guys with no fun pictures or anything.

Wait, hold on.


Ah, doggies.  They make everything better.  


  1. So exciting that you are fixing to be back to training!!!
    And, 35 is young - you will totally rock it!!

    1. 35 may be young, but it's the oldest I've ever been! LOL

  2. Running Bassets are the funniest thing ever!! The DietBet thing sounds awesome. I've put on a few pounds due to fall laziness, too. It's okay! :)

    Good luck to you with your bet!

    1. OMG - today is officially day 1. Yesterday I was under calories, today I am way over. I just need to run more, not try to restrict calories - I'm so bad at it!

  3. I'm still in my pause mode. I give myself another week and then I have to get back on the saddle.

    Good luck with the DietBet! That seems to be a trend right now and I look forward to everyone's success!

    1. You just ran a HUGE race! You're totally allowed to be on pause. =)


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