Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 11 Recap

Holy moly, how is it possible that I'm writing ANOTHER one of these recaps? I mean, seriously. Are the weeks getting shorter?  Jeepers.

Week 11 of GMM Half Marathon training is officially over.  Only 3 weeks till the race!

How this week's training was supposed to go:

  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 5 miles speed
  • Wednesday - Rest/Cross train 
  • Thursday - 4 miles easy
  • Friday - Rest/Cross train
  • Saturday - 12 miles
  • Sunday - 3 miles easy 
Weekly total:  24 miles

Here's how the week actually went: 
  • Monday - Rest (of course!)
  • Tuesday - 5 miles of crap.  Managed the 3 "tempo" miles in the middle but had to take walk breaks to deal with a side stitch that would.not.go.away!   It was not fun. 
  • Wednesday - 1 mile run, plus short lower body segment from my Biggest Loser DVD
  • Thursday - 4 geat miles
  • Friday - Rest (which was not as restful as it sounds - total hair catastrophe occurred, and I can't even blame it on anyone except myself)
  • Saturday - 10 miles that were alternately ok, and horrible.  Didn't manage to finish the 12 I was supposed to.  Came home and was ill.  Blah.  
  • Sunday - 3 miles with legs that felt like lead. 
Weekly total: 23 miles

This was my least successful week of training to date.  My coach told me that if after resting tomorrow, I am still feeling tired, then I should take Tuesday as an additional rest day.  That means skipping out on 5 miles, 3 of which are supposed to be at tempo pace.  Part of my brain is going "No! I NEED those miles!"  and another part of my brain is saying "Oh, thank you, baby Jesus! I need a damn NAP!"  

So, we'll see. I have to say, though, that I'm very proud of how my training has gone so far, and I know that I have given it my all, so if I do end up taking a rest day on Tuesday, I know it will not be because I'm lazy, but because I truly need it. 

Now.  Who's wondering what happened to my hair?  No one?  Great! Then I don't have to share pictures. Phew! ;-)


  1. Yes, you need to share some pictures!! As soon as you mentioned a hair fiasco I was scrolling down looking for pictures.
    Sorry that you were sick after you long run on Saturday. 10 miles is still a nice long run!

    1. LOL Ok, I will post pictures soon. Though, I only have the "before" and "after," none of the "Holy crap!" that happened in the middle. I should not be left unsupervised, I'm telling you. =)


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