Monday, September 23, 2013

Crazy? Me?

That's how I ought to be feeling. Instead I randomly burst into tears at a stop light today, and I honestly have no desire to lace up my shoes and hit the streets.

I am stressed out, burnt out, and just... out. Out of my mind, out of my depth. 

It started on Friday. I should have known something was brewing when I got the crazy urge to dye my hair. Usually that's a symptom of inner turmoil, but it's been 5 years since I've done it, so I didn't really examine my motives - I just went with the urge.

Bad idea.



Ok, I actually have no pictures of the "during." But imagine home highlights going terribly awry (or a chihuahua with a bleach pen drawing all over my head).


(After going to a salon, begging them to fix it, saying "I don't care what color! Just help me!")

The picture does not do it justice. It's DARK. And red. And I'm not a fan, but it is better than the insanity that it was before I had it "fixed." (And, really, it's a more flattering picture than the first one, but the whole point was lighter hair. Not darker.)

So. That was Friday.

Saturday was a 12 mile run that ended up being a 10 mile run - and then even though I was sick, going to the fair with my family. Cuz I'm a mom and that's what I do. Then Sunday was more mommy duty, and more crappy running. Then today, I cried. And cried. Then I "fired" my coach and screamed at my husband. 

If this were 2 weeks from now, I'd blame it on hormones. As it is, I feel like I am just losing my mind. I need a vacation, stat. I am just overbooked, under rested, and utterly cranky. 

And now I've dumped all my crazy on ya'll. Fun, hu?

At least you got pictures this time.


  1. Sorry you are feeling so cranky. :( I hate feeling overwhelmed like that. I think your hair looks cute in both pics, honestly I do! I think doing a 10-miler + the fair on the same day would put me right over the edge too!!

    1. Thanks. I just... blah. Sometimes we just have too much planned and not enough downtime! Right now is one of the "crazy busy" times and it has left me just plain ole "crazy." But I'm getting better. LOL

  2. OH - so sorry that you are struggling!!! I think being sick (or even not 100%) can do that and all the running you've been doing is just making it worse!
    Hopefully you can give yourself a little break today and do something fun just for you.
    And, I'm with Jan, I like your hair in both pictures. I'm all about changing up my hair - length, always grows back!

    1. True - hair always grows back! My mother always said "The difference between a bad hair cut and a good one is two weeks." We'll see how I feel in two weeks. LOL I did take a break today - had coffee with a good friend and am feeling much better. I just need to remember to take time to breathe!

  3. Hug, hug and more hugs!

    I'm so so sorry you're feeling this way. It sounds like a lot all built up at once and you broke. It's ok. Be kind to yourself, take a few days, reassess and then see where you're at.


    1. Thanks, hon. I'm slowly getting back to "level," but jeez. I feel like a 2 year old who is having a temper tantrum because she missed her nap and needs her blankie! LOL

  4. It must be in the universe right now, bc I'm having a similar time. Just breathe and take it one moment at a time. Hope we all get better soon!

    1. Oh, boo! I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough go. No fair. I hope you're back to feeling good ASAP!


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