Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Stride Box

The July Stride Box hit my doorstep last night, and I promptly opened it up and took a blurry picture: 


Inside the water bottle was the following: 


So what did we have this month?  Lots of food and drink products - reaffirming my instinct to cancel this membership.  I still say it's a great way to be introduced to new products, but I just don't like the taste/texture of most of this stuff, so it's kind of wasted on me.  Still, I will be trying it all, because hey, it's here already.  The water bottle is nice to have, though, and I love the red white and blue "RUN" sticker! 

Included in this month's Box were: 

  1. Bearded Brothers - Natural Energy Bad
  2. PR*Bar - Nutrition Bar - Apple Pie 
  3. Body Glove Surge Gel - All Natural Energy Gel
  4. SpiderTech - X Spider - Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape 
  5. StrideBox Hydration Bottle
  6. Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator Mix
  7. Gu Brew Electrolyte Tablet
  8. Zym Catapult Sport Drink Tablet
  9. Healthy To Go! Aci Energy Drink Mix
  10. HDX Hydration Mix
  11. Nuun Electrolyte Drink Tab

I will try it all, and if anything stands out to me, I'll let you guys know.  Otherwise, I'll just keep my mouth shut because there's no point in trashing something just because I don't like it.  A million other people might like it - I am fairly picky and silly about things.  

Speaking of things that I like and don't like, Sparkling Ice contacted me quite awhile ago and said they'd be sending me a free case after I wrote about the drinks here.... I have yet to see that case.  Bah Humbug.  I'm still buying the stuff like it's going out of style, though.  Oh well.  

Happy Saturday! 


  1. Boo to Sparkling Ice. Not cool.

    Stridebox is the only box subscription I'm really a fan of. Their stuff seems better than the other ones. This reminds me, I have a bunch of stuff I get to try now that I'm back doing long runs!

    1. Whoot! Hope you find something you like. =)


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