Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Well, it's Tuesday...

Despite a facing a crazy busy weekend (three birthday parties, date night, household chores, etc, etc), I promised myself I was going to get my 6 mile "long" run in no matter what.   Midday Saturday, I knew running wasn't going to be on the agenda, so I told myself I'd go on Sunday.

Sunday after my daughter's birthday party, I gave myself two hours to eat something and veg on the couch before heading out.  At 4pm on the dot, I got dressed and went outside.  It was cold and windy, but I realized pretty early that I was completely overdressed.  In fact, the whole run was a  (not very funny) comedy of errors.   Wardrobe malfunctions, hair issues, side stitch, first attempt at taking GU (not because I needed it, but because I wanted to try it out close to home in case it gave me GI issues or anything), walking breaks, etc, etc....  It was pretty ridiculous.

But I made it.  6 miles - which, even though I walked some - is the longest I've gone since before I got sick.  Plus, even though I walked, and had all the other issues, I still managed to stay ahead of the cut-off pace for my upcoming 10 miler, which is a huge relief.

I am not a fast runner.  In fact, some people (who want to get punched) might actually call me a "jogger."  My fastest 5K was at an 11:xx pace, and I normally run in the 12:xx - 13:xx range.  I would like to be faster, sure, and I will work on that this summer, but for now, I am working on adding distance and just trying to get through the races that I have coming up, that I signed up for before I knew I'd be missing almost 7 weeks of training due to bronchitis.

Anyway. I'm not a fast runner - and the 10 miler I have coming up has a strict cut off.  They'll force you to get on a bus if you're not going fast enough at a certain point.  Michelle told me that it wouldn't be the end of the world if I get picked up by said bus, but, dude, yes it would.  I am slow. I'll own that.  But being told I'm  unworthy of finishing a race?  No.  Uh-uh.  Not gonna happen.

The pace I have to stay above?  14 mm.  I realize to most, that sounds incredibly slow, and OF COURSE I can go faster than that, right?  Well, right.  Unless I can't.  You never know what's going to happen on race day.  If I were a 9mm runner, I wouldn't worry - falling 5 minutes off pace is probably not going to happen.  But a minute or two?  That's worrisome.

BUT! After my run on Sunday, where all kinds of little stupid things went wrong and I still managed to run at a 13:09 pace, I am feeling MUCH more confident.  Especially since I still have 4 weeks to get myself even stronger and healthier.

So.  It's Tuesday, and I'm feeling pretty good.

Did you do anything this weekend that was hard for you? How did you get through it? 


  1. I still say it wouldn't be the end of the world (though I would HATE IT as well) but I also say that having full confidence that you WON'T need to be picked up. :)

  2. Anything hard last weekend? You mean like almost have a "bear attack"? Haha, I didn't want to go as far as I did on Saturday, but as I was halfway out on a long-run, I felt a rumbling; I knew there was a year-around-open flush toilet only sort of out of my way so I changed my course.

    As I got closer and closer, I was just telling myself, "You're almost there, keep on truckin', you can make it!" That last 800m to the washroom felt like an eternity as well though it must have been one of my fastest burst as I was fighting both time and nature at that point! :)

    1. Oh, no, Greg! LOL At least there WAS a washroom! =)

  3. I'm sure with the excitement and adrenalin that comes with a race you'll be just fine! Good job getting out there for a run!


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