Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mr. Murphy and other random Garbage

What’s that saying? You plan, God laughs? I don’t actually believe that God is sitting around watching me and getting his chuckles in, but who knows.   Maybe it’s that other guy who’s laughing – whatshisface Murphy.   The guy with the law.  In any case, my plan yesterday was to run while the kids were in school.  My son is in Kindergarten, but my daughter only goes to preschool two mornings a week, so I’m fairly limited in my “free” time.  Wednesdays, I have free time.  

Except we were supposed to get SNOWMAGEDDEN!!!  Cue me looking out the window at my snow-free lawn.  (I swear, weather forecasters are wrong so often that it actually amazes me that they aren't fired left and right.  If my husband made that many mistakes at his job, we’d be broke and moving in with my parents!)

Where was I?  Oh, right.  SNOW SNOW SNOW!   So, they closed the schools.  So, no running for me, unless I wanted to take the kids to the gym.  I haven’t been on a treadmill since….  October? I think?  But, being a good little trooper, I talked myself into it, and headed to the gym.   Empty parking lot, sign on the door saying the gym was closed DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER.  *sigh*   At that point, it was raining.  Lightly.  CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD!  

I went to Panera and got salads and picked up some lunch for the kids, and headed home.  My husband had given up on work, because there was no one there, so we all had lunch together at home and I tried to talk myself out of my grumpiness so I could go running in the afternoon. 

Fast forward a few hours - 36 degrees, rainy, and windy.  Apparently, the perfect weather for running! I didn't even really notice the cold, except for my fingers, which were not pleased that I hadn't taken the time to find my gloves before leaving the house.   The run was amazing. Probably the best one I’d had since I first laced up my running shoes 14 months ago. Apparently, I really am Only Happy When It Rains! 

Somewhere during mile 3, when I was starting to get a little tired, I passed a house and there was a guy out front, getting into his car, and he yelled at me.  I couldn't hear what he said because of the wind and the fact that I had my buff pulled over my ears to keep warm, so I yelled “What?”   He yelled back “You’re crazy!”  I answered “I’m not crazy, it’s awesome out here!”    In retrospect, I wish I’d come up with something wittier, because truth be told, the weather was not awesome, but whatever.  I ran another hundred yards or so, grumbling to myself that I was NOT crazy, when a woman running towards me caught my eye and I just started grinning.   She smiled as she passed me, and I wanted to high five her.  NOT crazy!  Just…. A runner. =)

So, I bested Murphy, got my run in, and felt fantastic for the rest of the day.  Well, fantastic and shivery. But it was worth it.

Have you ever been heckled while running?  (Or while doing anything?) 


  1. He was in awe of you, your answer was just fine. :-) How many people can run and carry on a conversation, period? You rock!

    1. LOL In awe, sure, that's it. Let's go with that. =)

  2. I've often thought the same about weathermen--they are almost always wrong! We had a snow day on Tuesday and it really never got bad We did get 8", but it never blew and it fell gently all day long.

    Glad you were still able to get out there!

    1. I think 8 inches here would be a state of emergency. LOL


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