Saturday, July 19, 2014

Smoothie Criminal

Oh. My. God. Ya'll!

A while back, I tried making smoothies with my daughter.  I used yogurt because I thought that's what you were "supposed" to do.  Neither of us liked them (neither of us likes yogurt, duh).  I even added honey to try to sweeten them.  Nope.  Yuck.    So I quit my smoothie making endeavor.

Fast forward to a day a few months ago when we were at Costco.  A woman was demonstrating a super duper fancy schmancy blender.  I can't remember the name of it for the life of me, but it was $600 or something so why would you want to know the name of it anyway? Who has that kind of money for a blender?  Anyway.  The woman made smoothies.  No yogurt.  Just fruit and some ice. My daughter loved it!  The lady also made ice cream out of CARROTS and my daughter ate that, too, so it's possible there was some sort of weird vortex over Costco that day, but I digress.

Fast forward again to a couple of weeks ago when I remember that my mother in law had gotten my husband a Nutri Bullet for his birthday, and it was still sitting in a corner, unopened.

While not nearly as fancy as the one I saw at Costco, I figured I'd give it a spin.  Smoothie with only fruit, coming up. 

Mind. Blowing.  

Seriously.  I am now freaking addicted to these things.  Throw some frozen strawberries, an orange, some pineapple, and a little water into that baby and a minute later, you've got an awesome tasting smoothie and your "daily recommended" fruit needs are taken care of.   I've also tried blueberries, raspberries, and cherries.   The strawberry/orange/pineapple is definitely my favorite, though.  You can also toss in some spinach and it doesn't really change the taste much, but it does make the whole thing green and I know that's a turn off for some people (like my daughter!).  

I realize that this "revelation" of making fruit-only smoothies is probably preschool level thinking for some.  But for someone who normally never eats fruit (unless it's in a pie or shortcake!), the idea that I can have something that actually tastes like "cheating" but that is actually not bad for me is pretty awesome. 

Plus the Nutri Bullet is super easy to use and clean, and anything that involves minimal work is awesome in my book!**

Do you like smoothies? What's your favorite fruit (or veggie) combo? 

**I was not paid or encouraged to write this post, Nutri Bullet does not know I exist. I just like talking about things I like! =) 


  1. I am happy you found a way to make the smoothies work for you! I don't eat dairy so we've always done fruits and ice and sometimes milk smoothies at home. They are delish! I like anything that is all fruit. My husband says it's not a smoothie unless I add spinach though, ha ha.

    I am curious about that carrot ice cream!!!

    1. I wish I could remember what all she put in the ice cream. My daughter (5) said it was yummy.

  2. I loved this post! I don't do smoothies because I HATE yogurt. I can't stand the taste and never thought to try making them without yogurt. I might have to try smoothies again.

    1. I hate it, too!! Blech. But seriously, get some fruit, freeze some of it (or I guess you could throw ice in there and use fresh fruit), and blend away and it's YUM. =)

  3. I'm not a fan of smoothies with milk or yogurt but I will do the kind with just fruit. And, like you, I just use the Nutri bullet - super easy.

  4. Love smoothies! I have at least one per day (at breakfast) and sometimes more. Mine is always the same: banana, scoop of vegan protein powder, spoonful of ground chia seeds, 1.5 cups non-dairy milk (coconut or almond usually), handful of spinach, spoonful of PB, and 1 cup of ice. Blend and enjoy! Yummy! I usually add sweetener if my bananas aren't ripe enough. I don't have a fancy blender either. Just a cheap Oster.

  5. I use a careful blend of ice, yogurt, something liquid (OJ or cranberry juice or fruity beer), whatever fruits I find in the fridge or on the counter, and ice cream if there is some I can use and it isn't too good. (Don't want to waste the best tasting ice cream on smoothie.)

    One of my HS friends scolded me that it isn't a smoothie once I add ice cream. Too bad, that's what I saw.

    *PUT THE LIQUID IN EARLY* - Every so often I forget this, and it means I have to get a spoon and churn it up to get the liquid down to the bottom so it will mix....

    - Perry


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