Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wicked Good Fun

Oh, hello there, internet!  How I've missed you!

It's funny what a week in the Tennessee wilderness (ok, so not really wilderness, though I did see a deer and a turkey) will do to you.  I managed a little Facebook-ing on my phone, and that one piddly post the other day because Boston was on my mind, but really I was not on the wild wild web all that much.  Which meant that when we got home this weekend, I had a ton of blog reading to do!  Ya'll are a talkative bunch. Holy Moses.

So, what did I do in Tennessee, you want to know?  Well, what everyone does when they go stay on a lake in Tennessee!  Fishing, horseback riding, running, and, of course, dinner and a show.  Because, really, what is a vacation without going to see a musical?

That's right, while visiting my mother and father in the boonies, my husband and I (along with my wonderful mother) snuck off to the "big city" (120 miles away!) to see Wicked.


It was so good!  I'd seen the show before, but my hubby and mom had not, so I was glad that we could all see it together.   Before the show, we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is apparently a chain that I've never heard of.  I had been missing out!  The food was really good, and the restaurant was really eclectic and pretty.

Stained glass windows and gorgeous chandeliers (and a bad photographer, i.e. me)

A trolley inside the restaurant - and you can eat inside it! 

After dinner we walked to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and since we had time to kill I got a glass of wine and we wandered a bit.  We saw a cigarette machine across the room and were mildly startled, since it seemed out of place.  Upon closer look, we discovered the machine wasn't selling cigarettes at all.  

I had never seen one before, but I love it! Art-o-mat machines are "retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art."  You can read all about them on their website. Very, very cool. 

. . .  and I already told you that Wicked was great, apparently because I am unable to write this particular post in a linear fashion.  Can I blame it on my brain still being on vacation?  I can? Awesome, thanks.

And now, my dear friends, it's time for me to leave you (for now) - mostly because my brain left a few minutes ago.  So I will be back another day to talk about something else that hopefully makes sense and isn't too blithery.  Ooh, apparently blithery is not a word.  Come on, spell check. Blither is a word,  why isn't blithery?  Never mind.  See?  Brain fried.   I go bye bye now.

Do you ever write blog posts when you're too tired to think straight?  Do you think blithery should be a word? 

Oh! I almost forgot! (See?  Brain issues today, people.  I'm tired!)  I got to meet another "internet friend" while I was in Tennessee!  I knew that he lived somewhat kinda not really sorta close to where my parents live, but I wasn't sure exactly where.  Turns out we were able to swing a meeting, and he kindly bought me a coke and chatted with me and my mom for awhile before we had to go.   Runners are the bestest! =) 

Ok, now I'm really going.  Toodles! 


  1. I've started writing my posts at night and I feel like my brain is always fried then! I don't post it till after I proof it the following morning because for some reason I think my brain might actually work at 5:00 am!!!
    Very cool that y'all got to see Wicked!

    1. I'm still asleep at 5:00 am most days! =) And my brain never REALLY works, so.... ;-)

  2. I looooooove Wicked!! I'd love to see it again. Glad you had a great time!

    1. It was SO GOOD. The girl who played Glinda was FANTASTIC. Over-the-top funny.


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