Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Making It Up As I Go Along

Week 1 of my completely made up and likely-to-be-changed training plan for Endless Summer is in the books, and I am freaking tired.  Granted, it doesn't help that I've been sick for the past couple of days (allergies + a cold or just allergies or maybe it's the black plague, who knows).

What does my made up training plan look like, you ask?  Well, it looks like a whole hell of a lot of running and walking and very little time for things like naps and piñatas.  To be more specific, my week looked like this:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 1 Hour Run
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - 1.5 Hour Run
Friday - Rest
Saturday - .5 Hour Run
Sunday - 2 Hour Walk + .5 Hour Run

Saturday's run and today's run were supposed to be an hour each, in theory, but with the way I was feeling, it just wasn't going to happen.   So all told I spent 3.5 hours running, 2 hours walking, and covered roughly 24 miles.

Going forward, the runs will increase and the walks will increase and hopefully my tolerance for a piñata free life will increase.  (Please, don't ask what's up with me and piñatas today, because the truth is I have no idea.  Sometimes a word just gets in my  head and since it took me entirely too long to figure out how to type a tilde on this stupid laptop, I'm just going to keep using it, mmkay?)

Though I'm not exactly sure how it'll all flesh out, I think that my training will peak at something like 11 hours of running and walking per week.  After Endless Summer I'll probably scale back for a week or two and then ramp back up even higher before I get to North Coast.

Or, maybe I'm completely full of crap and have no idea what I'm talking about.  This, truthfully, is much more likely.  Fortunately I have lots of very smart friends who have been at this way longer than I have, and I can pick their brains when I realize mine are falling out of my ears.

Aaaannd I have a 5K next weekend and a Half Marathon 2 weeks after that.  I keep forgetting about those races. I am NOT looking forward to the 5K, but the Half Marathon in St. Michael's should be fun.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.  We'll see.

I also just registered for another 5K that's in August.

Hey, it's cheaper than gambling, boozing, or doing drugs.  (And better for you, I'm told.)


  1. Seeing you put in writing that you're going to get up to 11 hours a week running and walking is frightening to think about. I'm sitting right around 8 hours a week, and man it's a time suck. Oh - and I just registered for a 12 hour race in June. Who does that in the summer?

    1. 12 hours in June? Please tell me it starts at night! I thought 6 hours in July was bad, jeez!

  2. Wow - you are really starting to log some serious hours. Too bad we don't live closer - I would join you for at least some of those hours!

    1. That would be so much fun! =) I'll just have to read your blog before I head out so your "voice" is with me.

  3. I agree you could have a lot worse habits than race registrations! :)

    1. Right?? And, really, some of them are even cheap. Ish. =)

  4. Can't wait to hear what you think of St. Michael's. It's on my to do list, but it's hard for me to get there for a Saturday race...

    1. I'm curious to see how it is. I will definitely report back. =)


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