Monday, January 6, 2014

Well, Looky There!

Instead of being all sloth-like and lounging around in my pajamas woe-is-me-ing today, I actually managed to be productive.  My daughter and I packed up all of our Christmas stuff  (ok, fine - I packed up all our Christmas stuff, she danced around spreading tinsel all over the place), and then I managed to get a domain name and get a new look for my blog all. by. myself.   (If you knew how TRULY technologically impaired I am, you would be VERY proud of me.  For reals.) 

Of course, I'm still way behind on a million other projects, and I haven't taken a single running step since... uh...... Wednesday?  Thursday?  But, seriously, details.  The kids are FINALLY back in school (picture me doing a happy dance, because I am freaking Snoopy over here!) so tomorrow (if there's not a negative sign in front of the windchill number), I will be able to run again.  So let's not worry about my couch-potato-ness becoming a thing.   It's not. It won't.  It's fiiiinnnneeee.  Promise. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am entirely exhausted from being so fabulous today, and I need a nap.  Ok, not really, it's just time to give my daughter a bath, but you didn't really need to know that, now did you? 

Happy. Dance. 


  1. HaHa - way to go!! I love the Snoopy happy dance and am glad that you did it today!!!
    I spent most of yesterday and part of today putting away the Christmas stuff - yikes that is a workout by itself!!

    1. No kidding! Standing, bending, lifting - it IS a workout. =)


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