Saturday, January 11, 2014

North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run

A few weeks ago, after a brief rapid-fire texting session with my friend L, I signed up for the North Coast 24 Hour Endurance Run (NC 24). 

 For those who are not familiar, it's a race in which participants run in a loop for 24 hours (or however long they can manage!).  Whomever runs the most laps in the 24 hour period wins.  They used to have a 12 hour version (which I will freely admit that I would prefer), but this year it's just the 24 hour one. 

Anyone familiar with my running history could easily question my sanity in signing up for this race. While I have gotten some good-natured teasing (I did once very vehemently and publicly protest that I would never, ever sign up for any longer races, such as a half marathon!), I have gotten nothing but support from my friends and family.  In other words, they're keeping their doubts and eye rolls to themselves.  (Thanks, guys!) 

Last year, an awesome woman named Sue won NC24 by finishing with 125 miles.  Some others that I know have participated and finished with 83 miles, 89 miles, 100 miles, etc.  I am not aiming quite that high. LOL  Actually, at this point, I do not have a mileage goal.  I figure I'll set a goal this summer, once I have a better idea of my training at that point.  The race is on my father's 60th birthday, so in my head I'm thinking 60 would be a great number - but whether that's 60 miles or 60 kilometers, I have no idea. LOL  

Today I woke up not feeling well and the weather is crappy, so I'm dragging my feet on going for a run.  I can't do that for long.  September may be a long way away, but I have a LOT of training to do if I don't want to embarrass the crap out of myself (or crap myself!) in Cleveland.  

Not to mention, I have a 10 mile race and a half marathon coming up in the spring.  I have plenty of negative thoughts bouncing around in my head, but I'm trying really hard to squash them.  It helps when my mom posts things like this on my Facebook page: 

(My mom posted this with a comment that said, "Diana, this is you!")

251 days.  Can't wait.


  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!! It is awesome!!!
    And, I'm excited that you are doing the 24 hour run - I think that not setting a mileage goal is a smart way to go in - just go in planning to keep going!!!
    Love the quote at the end and the fact that your mom sent it to you!!!
    Hope you feel better and can get a run in!

    1. Thanks!! =) Not really sure what I was thinking with the cartoony one. LOL I'm excited about NC24, too - though I'll probably start to freak out when it get closer. =)

  2. Woohoo very exciting!! I'm sure this will help get you out the door for lots of runs!

  3. Congrats! Sounds like an awesome 24 hours!

    1. I guess we'll see! =) I'm looking forward to it!


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