Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 8 Recap & A Look Ahead

It's Sunday, which means another week of training is over - and today is September 1st, which means there's a whole new month of training ahead!  First, let's look back.  

GMM Half Marathon Week 8 Training Schedule:

  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 4 miles speedwork
  • Wednesday - Cross Train/Rest
  • Thursday -3 miles easy
  • Friday - Cross Train/Rest
  • Saturday - 10 miles
  • Sunday - 3 miles recovery

How it actually went: 

  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 4 miles speedwork (on the treadmill at the gym, super hard, foot pain, was miserable, blah, blah - but I did it!) 
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - 3.08 miles super easy
  • Friday - Rest 
  • Saturday - 10 miles (pretty slow overall, and HOT, but I was happy with it!)
  • Sunday - 3 miles easy (1st mile super hard, 2nd and 3rd easier - nice way to end the week!)

Total weekly mileage: 20.20

What's funny (well, not really) is that so many people I know run 20 miles in a day.  But to me, 20 miles in a week is a big deal, especially because I've never done it before!  So I'm very pleased with it.  

Looking ahead to September, even bigger numbers are headed my way.  My current schedule has me running 90 miles in September - and my coach is actually changing it tonight to add more mileage (changing a cutback week since I just had a slacker week at Disney).  I have never run more than 70 miles in a month, so the idea of 90 kinda makes me feel...... I don't know, actually.  Not scared.  Excited? Proud?  Well, maybe I should save the pride till I actually do it, but still. 

Considering that a little over a year ago, I could hardly run a mile, I'm feeling pretty darn good right now! 


  1. You should feel pretty great right now!! Completing a 10 mile run is no joke!!! No matter how many total miles you get for the month you should be proud!!!


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