Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 10 Recap

When I started training for the Green Mountain Half Marathon, I felt like the 14 week schedule was so long.  Apparently, time flies when you're having fun, because yesterday marked the end of Week 10! Holy Moly.  This week was a cutback week, which I needed more than I realized! 

What the week was supposed to look like:
  • Monday - Rest
  • Tuesday - 5 miles (speedwork)
  • Wednesday - Rest/Cross train
  • Thursday - 2 miles easy
  • Friday - Rest/Cross train
  • Saturday - 7 miles
  • Sunday - 2 miles easy 

What the week actually looked like:
  • Monday - Rest 
  • Tuesday - 5 miles (two of which were faster than my 5K pace! What, what!) & squats
  • Wednesday - Squats 
  • Thursday - 2 miles (tons of shin pain, yet again.  blah) & squats
  • Friday - Squats
  • Saturday - 7 miles (5 of which were awesome) & squats
  • Sunday - 2 miles easy & squats

Total Miles for the Week:  16 and 150 squats.  (I have now typed "squats" so many times that it does not look like a real word.  Squats. Squats.  Squats.  So weird) 

My 7 mile run looked like this: 

The first two miles were uncomfortable because my right calf (my left one is so good, why can't my right one learn from her sister??) was tight and it took me awhile to warm up.  Once I hit mile 3, though, things loosened up and I just felt great.  Probably the best run I've had in a long, long time.  Don't let the weather icon fool you, though.  This run was at night and it was dark! 

It was funny, actually, because I told my husband "I'll be home around 8:30" and I walked in the door RIGHT at 8:30 and he said "I was starting to get worried about you!"   Um... I was on time!  Jeez.  Good thing that last mile was a bit faster, wouldn't want him to call the cops or anything!  

Actually, I shouldn't say that.  It's nice that he worries.  I  just would rather have him wait to worry until I'm actually LATER than I said I'd be.  =)


You probably noticed that I actually did something other than just running this week. If you didn't notice, then you're not reading very closely! ;-) It wasn't much, but with me, baby steps are sometimes the only steps I'm capable of!  Every night before bed, I did squats.  I started out with 15 for two days, then I moved up to 30 each night.  This week, I'll continue doing the squats, but I'll add in another exercise.  I have not decided what yet.  Maybe crunches.  Like I said, baby steps.   But I realized that I can't keep expecting my running to get better when I'm not doing any additional work to get my body stronger.  So, I'm trying.  


Did you do anything new this week?  


  1. I noticed the squats on your weekly plan and I did a little happy dance (inside dancing since I'm not really moving much today!). Great job on all the running and the new moves!

    1. Thanks! Although my coach pointed out that I shouldn't just do squats every day and suggested alternating with lunges. I hate lunges! But I do what I'm told, so they'll be happening this week. Blah. LOL

  2. I hate lunges AND squats. Good for you for getting them in your training! So cute that your hubby was worried right on the exact time you were supposed to be home.

    1. Lunges are the devil. But I'll figure something out. =)


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