Saturday, July 27, 2013

In The Long Run

My alarm went off at 5 this morning and in true Di fashion, I turned the bugger off.  No way was I getting up. 7 a.m. rolled around and my son came in to snuggle with his dad for a bit.  Saturdays are my morning to sleep in, but I knew I had 6 miles ahead of me, so I got up.

Last week, my 5 miler was .... crappy.  Too much walking, too many stupid little things going wrong.  I had no real hopes for today's run.  I couldn't stop to think, I just went out.

I had a few aches and pains here and there (the dog tried to kill me last night, but more about that later), but mostly I was fine.  Kept it slow and just plodded along.  Got home feeling quite pleased with myself.

(Avg. pace was 12:52, I think - right in the middle of the pace range I was given. Huzzah!)

Today was the first time I'd run 6 miles without regular walk intervals since January.  It felt damn good.  Though it's cotton and ended up weighing 3,000 lbs by the time I got home, I was so glad I'd worn this shirt:

Don't mind the sweat, it was hot out there!

It was nice to come home and have gone over my "step" goal before 9 a.m.  In fact, my Fitbit rolled over 25,000 steps today, all told - over 12 miles!  It was a good day - except for one thing.  I am in so much pain now, I want to cry. 

Remember when I said my dog tried to kill me last night?  I tried to take pictures of my injuries as proof, but they're not showing up well on my phone right now.  I'm sure they'll be nice and ugly tomorrow. But I digress. 

Last night, I was stepping back into my house from my garage when my foot slid out from under me, my other leg caught on the step up into the house, and my leg buckled and I went down like a ton of bricks.  Why did my foot slide out from under me, you wonder?  Well, I'll tell you.  My lovely dog decided that the best place for her water was not in her bowl, or in her stomach, but all over the tile floor in my kitchen, right in front of the door leading to the garage.  Water + tile floor = Di go boom. 

After the initial "AHHH!!!" and the subsequent crying (because I am a weenie and it HURT!) and the examining where all the skin was scraped off my knee and top of my foot, I realized that I was feeling ok and decided not to worry about it.  (Though I did threaten the dog.  I swear she hates me.)  

Fast forward to mile 4 of my run, when my hip/butt started to hurt.  I figured it was just from having weak glutes and/or adductors.    Fast forward to going out to dinner with my husband tonight, and in the car driving to the restaurant, my legs are hurting.  Fast forward again to walking around the mall and EVERYTHING hurts.  Legs, shoulders, neck, back, you name it.  I talked about DOMS in my last post - this was more like DOPFFOMA (Delayed Onset Pain From Falling On My Ass).

Now I have fun bruises and my everything is sore and I have a run scheduled tomorrow and I don't wanna and waaaaaa!!  

Insert pouty face here. 

So, I am going to go take some anti-inflammatories and toddle off to bed hoping that tomorrow, I will be able to walk without limping.  If I can do that, I can run, right?  RIGHT?!??  

Stupid dog.  *sniffle*  


  1. Yay for a successful long run! Boo for falling, although I laughed at your "DOPFFOMA" pain. LOL Hope it goes away soon!

    1. LOL Thanks! I'm actually feeling much better today. Phew! =)

  2. So glad that the 6 mile run was better than last week's run!!!
    And, sorry you slipped and were in so much pain but glad you are feeling better today (I saw your reply to Jan).

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall! Our dog does stuff like that all the time, but it's usually his 60pd body I'm tripping over.

    Hope you get better soon!

    1. I used to trip over our other dog all the time. Poor girl - I would go to step over her, and she'd decide to get out of the way so she'd stand up, and we'd both fall down. LOL

      I'm feeling much better, but my knee is an odd color that I don't think humans are ever supposed to be!


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