Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tipping The Scales

Yesterday marked one week since I'd started logging calories and doing a little extra exercising.  I hopped on the scale, and it said I'd lost 2 lbs.  I immediately thought "Wow, no way" and tried it again.  And again.  And again.  After four times on the scale and four DIFFERENT numbers being shown, I realized that while I may have lost weight, I have no idea how much, or how much I really weighed in the first place!  My scale is apparently fairly indecisive.

I have either lost .5lbs, 1lbs, 1.5lbs, or 2lbs.   Hmm.  Obviously we all know which I'd like to believe.  Unfortunately, I just can't quite convince myself to believe anything that liar says to me anymore.  *sniffle*

So, later today I'll be off to find a new scale.  Admittedly, ours is pretty old, but I wish I'd thought of this before I started this current weight loss quest.  But! It does appear that I've lost SOME weight, because even having my period and eating ice cream the other night, my "skinny" pants still fit just fine, whereas normally this time of the month I'd be in my "fat" jeans.  (When I lost weight before, I kept a pair of my older sized jeans as a back up for those days when I'm feeling bloated and crappy. Anyone else do that?)

Anyway.  So that's my mission for today.  Well, after we take the kids to the aquarium, and after we take the kids to the pool.  Silly kids, getting in the way of my mission.

In other news......

I am a pasty white girl.  Has been true since the day I was born, with bright orange hair.  I freckle, then burn, in the sun.  I've gotten really good at slathering myself with sunscreen (and, I'll admit, just hiding indoors), but since I've started running, I'm getting more sun than I ever have before, and I've developed a problem.

I have a sunburn down the part in my hair.  Ow.  I wear a visor when I run, which keeps the sun off my face, but I never really thought about my hair/scalp.  I don't want to wear a hat because I get really overheated when I run, anyway, but obviously I don't want to keep getting an ouchy scalp.   Has this happened to anyone else? I feel like such a dork.



  1. I've had the hair-part sunburn before--ouch! It's super cute when it starts peeling too because then it looks like dandruff. Can you style your hair in a way that it has no part?

    Our scale is like yours--I lean forward or back and I get dif. numbers. I just gave up and stopped weighing myself. LOL

    1. I usually do, Jan, but I had just pulled my hair back into a low pony-tail and so the part stayed. Owie zowie.

  2. We don't own a scale. It's not good for me. :)

    Yes, I've gotten that sunburned part thing. It hurts. I agree with styling your hair to have no part, or looking at wearing a full cap or tie a bandana over the area. Worst case scenario, you can run some sunscreen down the exposed line. It will make your hair gross but it will wash out.

    1. We shouldn't own a scale, either, but alas, we do. =)

      A bandana is a decent idea - I actually have a light-weight buff, but I haven't worn it in ages.

  3. I'm anti scale - no real reason other than I just don't get on them except at the DR's office.
    I hate when your scalp burns - and like Jan said the peeling is really fun!!! I used to spray my boys heads with sunscreen when they were younger - I figured greasy hair was better than the alternative!

    1. I'm anti-Dr's office scales. They always say a higher number than my home scale. Maybe now I know why. LOL


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