Sunday, April 28, 2013

Relentless. Forward. Motion!

As much as I love sleep (and trust me, I looove sleep), there is something almost magical about forcing myself out of bed before the sun comes up to go on a run.   

Today was my last long run/walk before my upcoming race.  I wanted to do 8 miles, with at least 2 at race pace.  Ended up with 8 miles, 3 of which were sub-race pace.  Whoops.  Actually, I say that, but who the heck knows what my race pace is these days?  Especially with this whole run/walk thing, which has totally thrown my mind for a loop.  I don't think I have any actual idea how fast I can run these days, because I haven't tried to run fast (save for the "run" portions of my run/walks) in forever.   

Once this race is over, I can put the run/walking behind me and hopefully get back to just running.   It's not that I have anything against run/walking - and, heck, it's given me some mile splits that I'm not sure I could replicate just running - but it's not what I started out wanting to do.  

I am feeling better about my running over all, though - and I met my April mileage goal already (and still have one run to go this month!), so that makes me happy.  Now if I could just meet my weight goal....  But that would require me to not eat things like I did yesterday, and really, why would I want to give that up? LOL  No, really, I do need to do something.  I'm up 3 lbs over where I was a month ago, and that's just no good.  I'm still in the "normal" BMI range (not that I put much stock in BMI), but I am not happy with where I am.  So....... gotta do something.  

In any case.  7 days till the Frederick Half Marathon.  Whoot whoot!  Ready or not, here I run.... ;-) 

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  1. Sounds like you are READY!! I can't wait to hear how it goes.


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