Friday, April 5, 2013

Boston, baby!

Before I started running, the Boston Marathon wasn't even a blip on my radar.  I'm sure I'd heard of it (maybe), but certainly didn't CARE about it.  Last year, however, I watched it live on my laptop.  It's amazing how different things are now that I've become a runner.  My world has expanded.  I read magazines I never would have touched before, I watched the Summer Olympics and shouted at the television as Mo Farah and Galen Rupp came into the final straightaway in the men's 10,000m race, and I watched both the mens and the womens Olympic Marathons - without fast forwarding.  I was riveted.  

The 117th Boston Marathon will be run in just over a week.  I will be watching it again.  This time, though, I know someone who will be volunteering at the race - and I'll be thinking of a friend who "BQ'd" in her very first marathon (which also happened to be her very first race!).  Couch to BQ.  Not exactly something that happens every day! Not to mention, she didn't just squeak by.  She could have walked for awhile and still made it.  Unreal. (BQ = short hand for "Qualified for Boston."  Qualifying standards can be found here.) I  barely made it from couch to 5K!

Speaking of my lackluster running ability......... I didn't run today.  Eek.  Today was supposed to be my last run before my race on Sunday, and it just didn't happen.  Too much going on, the day got away from me and now it's dark out, my back hurts, and I'm just beat.  Bad Di! Bad!  Oh, well.  Nothing I can do now but wait and see.

So, are you going to watch the Boston Marathon? 

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  1. I will watch! We also got up really early to watch both Olympic marathons. I am so amazed at the ease at which they run for such long distances.

    My sister-in-law BQ'd in her first marathon too. I would never in a million years be able to!


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