Thursday, February 21, 2013

Picture This

Starting a running blog while unable to run probably wasn't my smartest move ever.  We (that's the royal we) are in week 6 of not running, and having a pretty darn boring blog.  My apologies.  Today in an effort to not whine about not running, I present you with two pictures.   The first sums up what my life has been like for the past 5+ weeks.   The second is representative of what's wrong with this lovely country of ours (in my humble yet loud opinion).

First Picture: 

When you have 6 medicine measuring cups on the window sill above your sink, it's fairly safe to say that your life is not exactly a roaring good time.   Unless, of course, you're using said medicine in an unlawful way (but then why would you bother with the measuring cups?). 

Second picture:

While shopping at the mall today, I stopped to get a Dr. Pepper, which is basically my one addiction in life, besides running (and shopping).  I asked for a small, and was handed that cup.  If you can't quite see, on the bottom it's printed that the cup holds 32 oz.  THIRTY TWO OUNCES.  I balked and said to the kid behind the counter "That's a SMALL?"  His response "Well, no, but all drinks are the same price."   Oh, right, well that makes sense.  Not.  *eye roll*   I ended up drinking about half of it.  What in the world?  Am I the only one who is turned off by the huge cups everywhere? Do you remember what a small soda used to look like? When did we all decide that bigger was better, in calories and everything else? Bah humbug. 

And now that I've got my grumpy face on, I'll leave you with something that I found cheerful today.  For your viewing pleasure, I present you with...   Marathon Thoughts.  

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