Friday, February 1, 2013

First February Friday!

I can't believe it's February already. How in the world?  Where did January go?

Woke up to snow this morning - not enough to delay or cancel Kindergarten for my son, just enough to make it pretty and my daughter to beg to play outside....which I am not up for since I'm still coughing my head off, despite two prescription medications.  Boo.

Been thinking a lot about races that I have coming up this year, mostly because every day my training log tells me how far behind I am (gotta love technology!).  I was going to do a 5K in February with a friend, but for various reasons, she and I both decided to scrap it, so my first race is not until March.  

I'm doing the Break Away 5K in March which is raising money to help victims of domestic violence.  Pretty good cause, though it's sad that we need it!  I'm not planning on "racing" this 5K, though at some point this year, I do need to see if I can beat my PR, which people have told me is "soft," but darn if it didn't feel hard as crap the day I got it! LOL

April will bring the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, which I am super excited about but also completely nervous about.  By now in my training, I should be up to 8 mile runs, but because I haven't run in 3 weeks, I have yet to run longer than 7 miles, ever.  I know I still have plenty of time, but those nasty voices in my head like to tell me that I can't, or I won't, blah, blah.   Why do I do that to myself?  Grr.

May is when the BIG DADDY happens.   My first ever Half Marathon.  I am alternately terrified and so excited I could scream.  I signed up a few months ago, when May seemed oh so far away, but these days it seems too close and I'm uber frustrated at the past three weeks of lost training.  Since I'm not going for any particular time goal, I know that I still have PLENTY of time to train, but I'm nervous anyway.

The funny thing is that I'm also signed up for a HM in October.  And it's 600 miles away, so I will be committing to plane tickets and hotel reservations.   And I don't even know if I like HMs yet!  On the other hand, I will be meeting up with some awesome people, so even if I end up on the sidelines cheering THEM on, it'll be worth the trip.

(I'm lying. If I don't run that HM - and beat my time from May - I will cry)

Is that all the races I've signed up for so far? I guess it is.  Hu.  Doesn't seem like as many as I thought.  Maybe I need to find some more.  

This is what happens when I can't run.  I drool over running clothes I can't afford, and think about races to sign up for - that I can't currently train for.  I is smart.  *sigh*

What do you do when you can't run?


  1. As a 20-year running veteran suffering through my very first injury (ugh!) it is incredibly hard NOT to run, even though I know right now I can't. I get through it by cross training. My usual routine is run 4x a week, yoga 2x a week, strength train 2x a week, and spin 1x a week. Without running I'm left with a huge gap but I fill it by ramping up cross training. It's also nice to take a short break as it lets your body rest. And it makes you crave running, which means the return to running is sweeter than ever! =)

  2. When I'm not running, I crave crappy foods. When I am running, I am better about wanting healthy foods (or no food). Weird but true.

    I think your snow is just beautiful! Sorry you weren't able to get out there and enjoy it.


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